About me

Mathew F. RileyMathew F. Riley is me.

I dabble in the dark arts with several short stories published in Necrography, New Horizons and Dark Horizons, and always have several projects on the go, as time allows.

My story, Seems Only Right, won the British Fantasy Society’s Short Story Competition 2008.

I read too; mainly fiction – weird,  horror,  supernatural, swamp gothic and the like. I particularly enjoy atmosphere and place, and am fascinated by the relationship between landscape and memory.

My book reviews can be found here, plus on Bookgeeks, a review website that I co-run.

I’m also the co-founder of Bookhugger, a marketing platform for quality literary fiction, as well as its sister websites Bookdiva and Bookdagger.


You can contact me at ghostmemory@gmail.com if you fancy.


One of my favourite quotes, which may tell you something about me:

“Many men live in these woods who cannot live anywhere else… such men live at the end of all the long lanes in the world, and in reaching a place like this they have run out of country they can’t live in. They have no choice but to build, and so they go as far out of the way as they can even here, in the deep shade of the trees.”

Gerard Donovan, Julius Winsome – A Novel.


With thanks to Basil Copper for allowing me the use of the name of his wonderful book of subterranean exploration and otherworldy horror; and to Simon Appleby for sorting all this out.